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Jürg Frey – String Quartet No.3 / Unhörbare Zeit

November 19, 2015

CD Wandelweiser I should mention that should anyone ever ask which five albums I would choose to be stranded with upon a desert island, Jürg Frey’s first volume of...

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Carrie Olivia Adams, Joseph Clayton Mills, Deanna Varagona – Huntress

February 11, 2015

CD & Book Suppedaneum The latest edition from the continually excellent Suppedaneum label from Chicago is an intriguing affair. Not a label to settle very often on standard formats,...

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Two from Lucio Capece

December 16, 2014

Less is less CD Intonema Factors of space inconstancy CD Drone Sweet Drone Two releases, one from late 2013 and one from late 2014, but i have chosen to...

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Ferran Fages, Ernesto Rodrigues – Cru

December 12, 2014

CD Creative Sources Now this is a curious one, likely to be overlooked and possibly misunderstood if not paid proper attention to. Cru is another release involving Ernesto Rodrigues...

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Michael Pisaro realised by Joe Panzner, Greg Stuart – White Metal

November 26, 2014

CD Makam This is the second realisation of Michael Pisaro’s White Metal to be released this year, and the second I have reviewed here. It is inevitable I guess...

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Angharad Davies – Six Studies

October 7, 2014

CD Confront Recordings I’m not a big fan of the metal tin with a sticker on and vinyl-like CDr series of Confront releases. While I appreciate the flexibility they...

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Kevin Drumm – Trouble

October 7, 2014

CD Editions Mego Kevin Drumm is an extraordinarily difficult musician to write about. As I imagine I have said before in various attempts to come to grips with the...

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Tomas Korber / Konus Quartett – Musik für ein Feld

May 13, 2014

CD Cubus One of the things I hear musicians in this field say more than anything, is that they intend to release less CDs- pare things back and have...

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D’incise – Ilhas

May 12, 2014

CD Suppedaneum D’incise is the nom de plume of Laurent Peter, best known as one half of the prolific Swiss electroacoustic duo Diatribes. Whilst he has several solo releases...

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Marc Baron – Hidden Tapes

May 8, 2014

CD Potlatch One of those releases that comes along every so often, but not that often, and knocks you sideways. Marc Baron doesn’t release all that much music. When he...

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Partial – LL

May 7, 2014

CD Another Timbre My parents are antique dealers, and antique dealers with a penchant for buying up hordes of complete rubbish in the hope that amongst it may lie...

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Martin Iddon – Pneuma

April 13, 2014

CD Another Timbre Its been a while since I last wrote about a release on Simon Reynell’s Another Timbre label. No reason for this beyond the extreme tiredness and...

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AMM – Place sub. v.

March 9, 2014

CD Matchless Recordings I’ll be honest I didn’t expect to ever be surprised by AMM again. But then, maybe surprised isn’t the right word to use here. Over the...

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Two from Coppice

March 2, 2014

Coppice – Big Wad Excisions CD Quakebasket Coppice – Vantage/Cordoned CD Caduc Over the past few years what seems like a veritable deluge of material has come this way...

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Ryoko Akama – Code of Silence

February 28, 2014

CD Melange Edition The little I had heard of / knew of Ryoko Akama before this new release on what I think could be her own Melange Editions label...

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John Russell, Ståle Liavik Solberg – No Step

February 10, 2014

CD Hispid Some evenings I don’t want to have to think too hard about music. I don’t want to have to strain my ears, or figure out hidden references...

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Taku Sugimoto – Quartet Octet

February 9, 2014

CD Slubmusic Tengu For those with similar musical tastes to my own, an ensemble made up of Taku Sugimoto (guitar), Taku Unami (sinetones),Nikos Veliotis (cello), Kazushige kinoshita (violin), Klaus...

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Eva-Maria Houben – 6 Sonatas for piano

February 8, 2014

3CD Diafani I’ll be honest, my understanding of classical sonata form is limited. I had to go and refresh my knowledge on the subject before re-listening to this monumental...

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Kevin Drumm – Earrach

November 24, 2013

Self-released 2xCD Over the last year or so I have purchased probably more CDs by Kevin Drumm than by any other musician. I mention this because to many of...

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Sebastian Lexer, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost – Tri-Borough Triptych

November 16, 2013

CD Matchless Recordings When I was seventeen, I undertook an A-Level course in Ceramics. My tutor, a relatively young man who seemed to have a second life as a...

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Mathieu Ruhlmann – This Star Teaches Bending

November 7, 2013

CD. 3Leaves Following on from my vague pondering from a couple of nights ago, here’s another CD that raises the issue of CD liner notes and their value to...

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Patrick Farmer, David Lacey – Pictures of Men

November 5, 2013

CD Copy for your Records Its not easy being a reviewer in this minuscule little niche area of music. To begin with, musicians rarely give much away about their...

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Two from Eva-Maria Houben

August 13, 2013

CDr Diafani Two more in the seemingly relentless series of discs released by Eva-Maria Houben on her Diafani imprint. The label now boasts twelve releases and my hope of...

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The Sealed Knot – Live at Cafe Oto

August 12, 2013

CD Confront Now this is a difficult one. The Sealed Knot are one of my favourite groups of all time. They were one of the first improv groups that...

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Sophie Agnel, John Edwards, Steve Noble – Meteo

August 10, 2013

CD Clean Feed Some days all I have the mental energy for is good, traditional old improvised music. This isn’t to say that there is anything lacking in any...

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Various – Workshop Concert

July 29, 2013

CD Matchless Recordings In recent years, the improvisation workshop that takes place in London has been written about quite a bit. For years however, the workshop, begun in 1999...

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Antoine Beuger – 24 petits préludes pour la guitare

July 29, 2013

CD Wandelweiser There has been a recent online discussion about criticism of the music of the Wandelweiser label, or rather the lack of it. Personally, having been engaged with,...

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Michael Thieke / Olivier Toulemonde, Lucio Capece / Jamie Drouin – The Berlin Series No. 1

July 27, 2013

CD Another Timbre The first in a series of releases from Another Timbre designed to feature some of the very many improvising musicians active in berlin right now is...

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Rale – Probability A: Three studies for compositions of infinite length

July 18, 2013

CD Senufo Editions William Hutson’s Rale project has always been a noise/drone based affair, the output of which has only partly caught my attention. With this new release on...

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Graham Stephenson, Aaron Zarzutzki – Touching

July 14, 2013

CD ErstAEU The second release on Erstwhile Records ErstAEU imprint is a straight-up recording of two people improvising, and a good one too. If improv purists of one type...

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Christoph Korn – SIMEON

June 12, 2013

CD Wandelweiser A lovely example of a very simple idea put into action. Christoph Korn is a sound and mixed media artist from Germany of whom I had not...

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Lee Patterson, Vanessa Rossetto – Temperament as Waveform

June 9, 2013

CD Another Timbre Caveats first, this is an album by two friends of mine released on a label owned by another friend who I occasionally do design work for....

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rlw – Fall Seliger Geister

June 7, 2013

CD Dirter / Black Rose At first I wondered how the title of this great new album from Ralf Wehowsky may reference that of Helmut Lachenmann’s second string quartet,...

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Dedalus, Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey

June 5, 2013

CD Potlatch A discussion was held around the time of this disc’s release, a discussion that has been held over other releases in the past, ,about whether the external,...

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Joe Panzner, Greg Stuart – Dystonia Duos

May 26, 2013

CD ErstAEU The first release on Jon Abbey’s new offshoot of his Erstwhile label then, a new imprint that seeks to be somewhat mysterious about its identity and intentions....

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Catherine Lamb, Bryan Eubanks – Untitled 12 (after Agnes)

May 18, 2013

CD Sacred Realism I haven’t owned a television for about fifteen years now, but prior to that, I owned just two TVs in my life. The first of these...

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Tim Blechmann, Manuel Knapp – VIII

May 15, 2013

CDr Nada I have for quite a while been a staunch supporter of the work of Tim Blechmann in these pages, and his ongoing collaborations with Manuel Knapp in...

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Seijiro Murayama, Kazushige Kinoshita – 59:01.68

May 14, 2013

CD Ftarri Will we ever run out interesting conceptual ideas for making CDs? The music on Kazushige Kinshita and Seiji Murayama’s duo disc on the Ftarri label appeared a...

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Sarah Hughes- Accidents of Matter or of Space

May 12, 2013

Suppedaneum CD The first release on the very promising new Suppedaneum label in Chicago comes from a friend of mine, Sarah Hughes, so when I say that I think...

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Kevin Drumm – Humid Weather

May 6, 2013

Self released CD Around the turn of the millennium I was a big fan of Kevin Drumm’s music. His first two or three albums, and some of his collaborative...