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PST – Live in Rome

April 29, 2013

CD Auditorium An unexpected release this one, a 2005 recording of the Prévost/Tilbury incarnation of AMM alongside an Italian trombonist named Giancarlo Schiaffini, released this year under the trio...

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Bruno Duplant, Pedro Chambel, Jamie Drouin – Field by memory inhabited 1 & 2

April 27, 2013

CD Rhizome-s Now this is a very nice CD. Once again its a release involving the French multi-instrumentalist Bruno Duplant that was probably created one way or another over...

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Manuel Mota – Rck

April 13, 2013

5CD Box Dromos The inevitable thing when writing about Manuel Mota’s work is that the usual list of comparisons is pulled out. So, Derek Bailey, Taku Sugimoto, Loren Connors,...

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Atolón – Concret

April 11, 2013

CD Intonema The trio of Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ferran Fages and Ruth Barberán have been making music as a trio on and off for more than a decade now. This...

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Eva-Maria Houben – Landscapes 1-4

April 10, 2013

CD Diafani Landscapes is one of ten new releases self-published in a short period of time by the Wandelweiser associated composer Eva-Maria Houben on her new Diafani label. The...

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Chris Abrahams, Sabine Vogel – Kopfüberwelle

March 31, 2013

CD Absinth Records When I leaf frustratedly through the heaps of stuff here I still have to listen to, pipe organs, for reasons I don’t fully understand come up...

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Christoph Schiller, Lee Danzeisen – 47°13′N7°E

March 27, 2013

Creative Sources CD One of who knows how many releases on the Creative Sources label sat awaiting my eventual attention here right now, Christoph Schiller and Lee Danzeisen’s 47°13′N7°E might...

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Two from John Butcher

March 24, 2013

Bell Trove Spools CD. Northern Spy Records Winter Gardens Vinyl. Kukuruku Recordings Music can obviously be many things to many people. The music that saxophonist John Butcher makes across...

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Eva-Maria Houben – Orgelbuch

March 23, 2013

CD Wandelweiser One of what I think totals ten recent releases by the German composer Eva-Maria Houben, Orgelbuch is the one amongst them not released on her own new...

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Hildegard von Bingen : John Cage

March 17, 2013

CD Wandelweiser And so on. As if to remind us that releases on the Wandelweiser label certainly do not all sound the same, or are particularly silent, this recent...

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Kostis Kilymis – More Noise Ahead

March 15, 2013

CD Entr’acte So the most recent album by the London-based Greek musician Kostis Kilymis, who, for the sake of the necessary caveats can also be considered a good friend...

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Tarab – Shards of Splinters – Fragments of Scratches/Killustiku Killud – Kriimude Killud

March 13, 2013

CD Semper Florens The subtitle of the website belonging to Tarab, AKA the Australian sound artist Eamon Sprod reads “careful arrangements of sonic rubbish”. This description describes his work...

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Jonas Kocher, Gaudenz Badrutt – Strategy of behaviour in unexpected situations

February 22, 2013

CD / Free download Insubordinations This delightfully titled album from the Swiss duo of Kocher (accordion) and Badrutt (electronics) is available as a CD, or as a free to...

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Cremaster & Angharad Davies – Pluie Fine

February 20, 2013

CD Potlatch Less fine rain, more of a seething stormy cauldron. Pluie Fine is a release three years in the making, the result of recordings swapped backward and forward...

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Klaus Filip, Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann, Ivan Palacký – Messier Objects

February 11, 2013

Meenna CD A Messier object is a name given by a once prominent astronomer for objects often seen in the sky that were mistaken for comets. Frustrated  by them,...

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Various – Wandelweiser und so weiter

February 11, 2013

Another Timbre 6x CD box Annoying but necessary caveats out of the way first- I am thanked in the liner notes of this box set, for my logistical and...

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Jürg Frey realised by R. Andrew Lee – Piano Music

January 18, 2013

CD Irritable Hedgehog More than a decade ago now I spent an exciting few weeks visiting the Sound 323 record shop in London purchasing as much of the then...

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Matt Earle, Jason Kahn, Adam Sussmann – Draught

January 13, 2013

CD Consumer Waste Some recordings of improvised music work because they exude a certain sensuality- a sensation of the music sliding and intertwining around itself to create something that...

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Anonymous – Improkup!

January 9, 2013

DVD containing 30 hours of audio files. w.m.o/r or stream here. This is an interesting release. Its also the only recording I have written about here without actually hearing...

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John Butcher, Matthew Shipp – At Oto

January 7, 2013

CD Fataka John Butcher is one of my favourite musicians to watch live. I have been fortunate to have seen him play quite a bit over the past few...

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Edén Carrasco, Christof Kurzmann, Leonel Kaplan – Casa Corp

January 4, 2013

CD Dromos Given that the same old discussions about the impact of overt politics in experimental music have resurfaced on the internet again today, this is a timely (though...

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ChipShop Music with Toshimaru Nakamura – Protocol

January 3, 2013

A couple of things to say about this release before any serious review- firstly the usual caveats given that I consider all of the musicians here to be friends,...

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Keith Rowe – September

December 6, 2012

CD Erstwhile ErstLive Keith Rowe’s most recent contribution to the Erstwhile label is a live recording of his New York performance from 11/9/11, a concert that coincided with the...

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Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis – The Good Life

December 1, 2012

CD Consumer Waste OK, so caveats out of the way first- Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis are both good friends of mine and I heard an early version of...

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D’incise – Are fishes nihilist? (all this is not realistic)

November 30, 2012

3″ CDr Kaon Now here is a really very nice little CD. I have written quite a few times, pretty much always enthusiastically about the music of D’incise, the...

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Radu Malfatti, Taku Unami

November 27, 2012

CD Erstwhile ErstLive A live recording then of a meeting of two of my favourite musicians, though in the case of one of them, Taku Unami, one wonders if...

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Peter Blamey – Forage

November 23, 2012

CD Avant Whatever When I was around nine or ten years old, I pulled the power chord from the back of my trusty radio cassette player one evening only...

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Eventless Plot – Recon

November 19, 2012

CD Aural Terrains Eventless Plot is the name given to a trio of Greek musicians who appear to wish to remain nameless. Looking through both the liners to Recon,...

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Angus Carlyle, Rupert Cox – Air Pressure

November 14, 2012

CD and booklet Gruenrekorder Why do so many albums of field recordings come attached to books of writing about their creation? What is it about this area of music...

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Richard Kamerman – None for the money

November 13, 2012

CD Copy for your Records Richard Kamerman is probably about as good an example as can be found of the new breed of (mostly) younger American improviser/experimental musicians. Kamerman...

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Michael Pisaro, Taku Sugimoto – D minor / Bb major

October 23, 2012

Slubmusic CD This new release, a collaborative composition by Michael Pisaro and Taku Sugimoto, both guitarists and composers with a history of producing quiet music behind them, is unlike...

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John Tilbury – For Tomasz Sikorski

October 19, 2012

CD Bocian / Bolt Joint release. I’ll be honest, before purchasing this release I had not heard of the Polish composer Tomasz Sikorski,  Scouring the internet for information on...

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AMM – Two London Concerts

October 12, 2012

CD Matchless A new AMM album then, always a welcome arrival, capturing two relatively recent London performances from the duo of Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury. one of which...

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Sebastian Lexer, Christoph Schiller – Luftwurzeln

October 5, 2012

CD Matchless Old and new. This new CD on Matchless by Sebastian Lexer and Christoph Schiller keeps bringing these opposite ends of a spectrum to mind. If Schiller has...

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Choi Joonyong – Danthrax

September 30, 2012

CD Trigger! Oh boy. So Ryu Hankil has started a companion label to his Manual imprint, called Trigger!, specifically to release tracks that could be categorised, albeit a little...

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Mike Majkowski – Tremolo

September 27, 2012

CD and Download Avant Whatever Mike Majkowski is a young Australian double bass player. This new release on the Avant Whatever label is his second solo CD following a...

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Two from Entr’acte

September 23, 2012

Glenn Bach, John Kannenberg – Dispersal Patterns. CD Entr’acte E119 Aside from what I gleaned from a few minutes’ googling, I know nothing about the musicians behind the first of...

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Christine Abdelnour, Bonnie Jones, Andrea Neumann – AS:IS

September 20, 2012

CD Olof Bright This new release on the Olof Bright label includes some interesting liner notes by Thomas Milroth that point out how improvised music has changed over recent...

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Takefumi Naoshima, Mitsuteru Takeuchi, Takehiro Hirama, Kanichiro Oda – 4

September 3, 2012

CD Encadre Its been a good while since I wrote about anything thoroughly conceptual, but then its been a while since I received anything here from the Encadre label...