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Friday 8th June

June 9, 2012

So maybe this wasn’t the best choice of CD to try and write about near the end of an exhausting week. The most recent disc in the Heresy Records...

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Wednesday 6th June

June 6, 2012

I have now worked twenty-four hours in two days, with today being particularly stressful mentally. So excuse the quality of tonight’s review and ignore any increase above the usual...

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Monday 4th June

June 4, 2012

An odd day today. After sending roughly sixty thousand emails this morning trying to resolve my website curation problems once and for all I found myself in a position...

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Sunday 3rd June

June 4, 2012

In some ways today followed the same course as yesterday, my blood pressure levels and general mood shot to pieces by the irritation that is website design, and in...

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Sunday 27th May

May 28, 2012

Apologies for another apology of a post, but its nearly 2AM and I am not long in from attending a concert in London with Julie. Because trains out of...

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Saturday 26th May

May 26, 2012

Caveats first, I have quite recently released a CD of Jean-Luc Guionnet playing a church organ. Therefore I have held off until now of listening to, and subsequently writing...

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Kamtchatka – Nature of Sonographic Features

May 25, 2012

Cassette Circuit Torçcat So hot here at the moment, unbearably so at times. Give me grey and chilly any day. Anyway tonight I played a cassette (yep, they keep...

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Wednesday 23rd May

May 23, 2012

So hot here today, and subsequently really humid tonight. I am writing this sat under an open window enjoying a cold bottle of alcoholic ginger beer and munching on...

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Tuesday 22nd May

May 23, 2012

A few years back I received a short twenty-minute long recording in the post from either Bonnie Jones or Andrea Neumann, I forget which of the two. In my...

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Monday 21st May

May 22, 2012

Very late tonight as I start to write, so excuse me if this post is a little short. A spot of brevity will probably do me some good anyway....

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Friday 18th May

May 19, 2012

Tired tonight, but wanted to write about a very nice CD i have been playing off and on for a while but have just not had the chance to...

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Wednesday 16th May

May 17, 2012

Tonight’s CD is an interesting one, a release by the French trio of Pascal Battus, (Electric guitar) Lionel Marchetti (Electricity) and Emmanuel Petit (Electric guitar). Titled La Vie Dans...

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Tuesday 15th May

May 16, 2012

Every so often I get a large parcel of new releases arrive from the Creative Sources label, and each time I always end up feeling bad because although I...

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Monday 14th May

May 14, 2012

I started today feeling not all that much better than I felt last night, but getting ten hours sleep (rare for me) did certainly help, and by the time...

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Friday 11th May

May 12, 2012

Knot Invariants is the title of the third album by Helena Gough, the British computer musician/composer who has been a resident of Berlin for the past year or two,...

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Thursday 10th May

May 11, 2012

I think I have written here before about how I consider the duo of Seymour Wright and Sebastian Lexer to be the nearest thing we have, besides of course...

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Wednesday 9th May

May 10, 2012

A bit of an unusual post tonight. I have spent the evening over at Julie’s, and so have got home too late to write a CD review, but instead...

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Tuesday 8th May

May 9, 2012

Well its almost a week since I last wrote a CD review, so I had better do one this evening. In truth, after the weekend’s musical excesses (about twenty...

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Wednesday 2nd May

May 3, 2012

There aren’t many CDs of music that focus on drones and theatre of droning sounds that I enjoy all that much. Eliane Radigue’s work might be the only consistently...

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Saturday 28th April

April 29, 2012

Whilst I am continually surprised every time I hear somebody tell me that something I have written has had an impact on how they consider a particular piece of...

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Friday 27th April

April 28, 2012

I have had a very busy few days at work, and have been trying desperately to keep up with everything I need to get done here away from work,...

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Thursday 26th April

April 27, 2012

So busy right now, with any number of things going on but as I haven’t written properly here for a couple of days I have stayed up later than...

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Monday 23rd April

April 24, 2012

Today, finally, we have hot water and heating back here after the plumber finally remembered what he gets paid for. For those that have been following the saga of...

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Sunday 22nd April

April 22, 2012

Today, once I had reestablished my connection to the world outside by getting my broadband working again, was spent quietly productively. I have begun work on a website framework...

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Friday 20th April

April 20, 2012

Its been a long tough week, full of hassles, but I am off of work this weekend and looking forward to unwinding a little, and hopefully having a hot...

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Thursday 9th April

April 20, 2012

Well I have been putting off writing about Michael Pisaro’s newest release on his Gravity Wave label for a few weeks now, having listened to it a lot  when...

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Tuesday 17th April

April 18, 2012

Be warned, a silly pretentious review to follow… The last couple of days I have been listening a lot to Myelin, who are the duo of Birgit Ulher (trumpet...

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Monday 16th April

April 17, 2012

Its been a while since I wrote anything about the music of the Malaysian electronics musician Goh Lee Kwang. To be fair, its been a while since I was...

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Saturday 14th April

April 15, 2012

Stockholm Syndrome is the title of what i think is the second duo release by the pianist Magda Mayas and percussionist Tony Buck, with the first appearing on the...

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Noish X Xedh – rlhaaa to

April 14, 2012

Cassette Pilgrim Talk Tonight another cassette. (The things still seem to be arriving here relatively frequently I’m afraid). This one is a release from a bit earlier this year...

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Tuesday 10th April

April 11, 2012

As the releases on the Entr’acte label continue to come thick and fast, (I’m reviewing them as fast as I can and yet still there are six unreviewed here...

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Monday 9th April

April 10, 2012

Today turned out to be a bit of a pig. I fell asleep unexpectedly on the sofa last night, and woke very early this morning with the most painful...

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Unan / Nikos Kyriazopoulos Split cassette

April 8, 2012

Cassette Organised Music from Thessaloniki To get the caveats out of the way, tonight’s review is of a release on the Organised Music from Thessaloniki label, which is run...

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Friday 6th April

April 6, 2012

Kinda tired tonight. Its been a one old week at work that has taken its toll a little, but I now have somehow managed to get myself three days...

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Thursday 5th April

April 5, 2012

OK, so pushing myself a little bit with tonight’s review. One of the most enjoyable elements to my recent writing for The Wire is that, while i have been...

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Tuesday 3rd April

April 4, 2012

A strange set of feelings tonight. I have been thinking today a little about the act of writing a CD review, and how really ridiculous the whole concept sort...

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Monday 2nd April

April 3, 2012

Amongst a load of silly nonsense talked around the internet over the past couple of days has been a question raised about whether a definite ‘Wandelweiser aesthetic’ still exists....

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Sunday 1st April

April 2, 2012

And so to the last of the four recent releases from Another Timbre. (If you only counted four reviews here, I wrote about the Osvaldo Collucino disc for the...

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Saturday 31st March

April 1, 2012

So, a CD review. “About bloody time!” I hear you cry. Or maybe I don’t. Somebody told me last week that they much prefer the blog when I don’t...

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Tuesday 27th March

March 27, 2012

Tonight a CD which, I am ashamed to say got moved to the wrong pile and so forgotten without being played for a while after it arrived here at...