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Various – By gum, it’s a compilation

January 14, 2014

Admirable Restraint Download No need for any of the usual caveats required of this one. This is a compilation put together by Alastair Wilson, my old radio chum from...

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Jonas Kocher, Gaudenz Badrutt – Strategy of behaviour in unexpected situations

February 22, 2013

CD / Free download Insubordinations This delightfully titled album from the Swiss duo of Kocher (accordion) and Badrutt (electronics) is available as a CD, or as a free to...

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Peter Blamey – Forage

November 23, 2012

CD Avant Whatever When I was around nine or ten years old, I pulled the power chord from the back of my trusty radio cassette player one evening only...

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A deluge of Tim Blechmann

October 8, 2012

Tim Blechmann, Manuel Knapp – ivvvi Tim Blechmann – Honne Tim Blechmann – Sine Tempore Free Downloads Moka Bar The last couple of weeks have seen three new releases...

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Cyril Bondi, Phonotopy – Komatsu

August 19, 2012

CD and free download Insubordination Komatsu is the title of a rather nice new album on the consistently strong Insubordinations net label by the duo of Cyril Bondi (floor...

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Lance Austin Olsen – Thief

July 27, 2012

Free Download Infrequency So, oddly, as the site received its 333,333th visitor sometime today, so the Visitor counter feed at the bottom of the page started doing odd things...

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Kostis Kilymis – I stayed in this room for a year

July 21, 2012

Free Download Compost and Height Tonight some thoughts on a film I have seen screened a couple of times, once as a looping installation at the Audiograft Festival in...

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The Anonymous Zone Pt.3

July 5, 2012

Free Download Another Timbre And then so to the third and final set of four pieces that make up the initial launch of Another Timbre’s Anonymous Zone series of...

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The Anonymous Zone Pt.2

July 4, 2012

Free Download Another Timbre So to the next four tracks at the Another Timbre Anonymous Zone. Before talking about them though, some thoughts about my writing yesterday. i set...

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The Anonymous Zone Pt.1

July 3, 2012

Free Download Another Timbre Tonight, and the next two nights, I am going to write about elements of a wonderful new project launched by the Another Timbre label, named...

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Joda Clément, Tomasz Krakowiak, Pau Torres – North North

June 3, 2012

Free Download Homophoni Such a frustrating evening after a pleasant day. Not being at work I managed to avoid all mention of royalty and ridiculous associated celebrations and after...

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David Papapostolou – Quartets

June 1, 2012

Free Download Compost and Height Verrry tired tonight after a hellish day at work trying hard to avoid all mention of royalty but failing miserably. I badly need to...

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Patrick Farmer – Ack object forth and over

May 30, 2012

Free Download Compost and Height Hot, humid and harassed all day today at work, with the sudden outbreak of thunder and heavy rain we had mid afternoon not long...

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Adam Sussmann, Matt Earle, Massimo Magee, John Porter, Timothy Green – At Real Bad Music

May 30, 2012

Free Download Homophoni A further free download review tonight then, this time taken from the wealth of good free music available at the excellent Homophoni site. I like the...

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Dominic Lash – Erogen

May 28, 2012

Free Download Compost and Height So tonight I am really tired, having worked a ten hour shift after only really getting to sleep around 4.30AM. I was in bed...

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Thursday 5th April

April 5, 2012

OK, so pushing myself a little bit with tonight’s review. One of the most enjoyable elements to my recent writing for The Wire is that, while i have been...

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Sunday 11th March

March 11, 2012

For me, Manfred Werder is one of the most interesting composers at work today. I say this primarily because he seems to have long ago made the decision to...

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Sunday 19th February

February 20, 2012

After a long hard week, and a quite tiring trip into London lat night, it was good to relax this morning, and then this afternoon go into Oxford with...

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Tuesday 24th January

January 24, 2012

Another free download tonight then, that is also available as a limited edition CDr from the Insubordintions netlabel should you wish for one. This recording in question is a...

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Monday 23rd January

January 24, 2012

Tonight, one of a few recordings I hop[e to write about this week that are available free of charge as downloads. I don’t write about music distributed in such...

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Friday 2nd December

December 3, 2011

Today is Julie’s birthday and so much of the day was spent pampering her while in a haze of sleep deprivation induced exhaustion. I grabbed a few hour’s kip...

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Thursday 18th August

August 18, 2011

For the one or two of you that follow these pages to keep up with my life rather than my musical interests, I am feeling much better and plan...

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Monday 25th July

July 25, 2011

Tonight a new conceptual work by the French composer / thinker / not sure what to call him Mathieu Saladin. I have enjoyed Saladin’s work a lot in the...

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Saturday 23rd April

April 23, 2011

Very hot here today. I was at work by 6AM, home again by 3PM and fell asleep in the garden for a bit, fortunately under a tree or I...

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Saturday 5th February

February 6, 2011

So I have chosen to write about two separate free downloads this evening, both available from the really rather wonderful Compost and Height netlabel. More about those in a...

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Monday 27th September

September 27, 2010

A brief review tonight then, of a freely downloadable piece of music from, the excellent internet community and storage space that has this year celebrated its tenth anniversary....

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Wednesday 8th September

September 8, 2010

OK, so to the music I have been listening to tonight. Way back in 2000, the Nmperign duo of Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey visited Berlin, and while there...

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Tuesday 7th September

September 7, 2010

Just a brief post tonight then, a short review of a free download by a new name to me- Stefan Fraunberger, whose Gilgit - Czernowici release consists of two...

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Wednesday 18th August

August 18, 2010

So my hopefully weekly review of a freely downloadable piece then- tonight a recent(ish) release on Tim Blechmann's Moka Bar net label, the catalogue of which can be found...

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Thursday 12th August

August 12, 2010

So the Loris recording then, which, as mentioned yesterday can be found as a free download Mp3 file at the Compost and Height site. I think the file is...