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October 29, 2007

OK so its been a bit of a long hiatus, neary a month, but sometimes life gets in the way…

I began my new job on the 1st October and whilst I have enjoyed it immensely (first time I could say this about my dayjob in ten years) its been pretty tiring as my body has adjusted to 4.30AM waking times and my brain has had to cope with no end of new information.

Outside of preparing and presenting the new series of audition I’ve not actually listened to that much music. Well I have, but its tended to be a small number of releases over and over rather than a wide scope. This has meant that even when I’ve had the chance to write here I’ve found that I had little to say (some would argue there’s no change there) so I’ve stayed quiet. Over the last week or so however I have been pondering a few thoughts and this post will be followed by one long, sprawling monolith of a post, unedited, thrown together from a lot of short notes written during coffee breaks at work and as a result probably completely incomprehensible. Oh well, at least there’s something new up here anyway.

One musical event I did manage to attend last week was a performance by the Arditti String Quartet of Luigi Nono’s string quartet Fragmente – Stille along with pieces by Webern and Schoenberg. The music was great, but as I am hopefully to attend a further Nono concert this Wednesday evening I will try and combine the two into one write up. expect it sometime just after Christmas :)

On a sidenote I’ve just noticed the visitor counter here has gone way beyond 10,000 hits since I installed it and daily visits continue to be average over 40 even though I’ve not written anything. Thanks to anyone that keeps an eye on the blog for anything new and sorry for keeping anyone waiting.

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