Oh, Life’s such a strain

January 25, 2008

Its been really tough around here of late to spend very much time just sitting and listening. Work has been very demanding of my time and energy over the last couple of weeks, so thats not a good start. Add to that the time it takes to prepare for and then present a weekly radio show, work hard on the design and production of several long overdue Cathnor releases, write a weekly review for Bagatellen, plus maintain a relationship with a long-suffering girlfriend, and well finding the time to listen about music and write anything interesting here at this blog is difficult.

So while I take the time to sort my life out here’s a few links to some of the assorted stuff I’ve been up to, beginning with two recent reviews at Bagatellen, the first of two albums by Jez riley French, and the second of Mattin’s new release Broken Subject.

audition, the weekly radio show I co-present for Resonance FM began again in earnest on 13th january after an extended Christmas break. You can listen to the shows as Mp3 files from our website. audition is always great fun to do, and I guess it does provide me with an opportunity to listen to music, but in truth we don’t get much chance to really stop and listen in the studio as there’s usually too much going on, and the preparation for the show usually involves editing music down to fit into the playlist, which does involve a degree of close listening, but not how I’d really like to be doing it. I present audition along with Alastair Wilson, who has returned to write his darkly humorous photo-blog after a brief hiatus whilst his camera was broken. I recommend checking in there daily.

So there is a series of Cathnor releases close to completion, both full length discs and a new series of 3″ CDRs I am working on. I hope to have these out very soon. All are hideously delayed for all kinds of reasons, but I’d rather take my time and do them properly than make a pig’s ear of them. I also hope to get a paypal payment option up at the Cathnor site very soon, and will probably hold a short sale on the existing catalogue soon too.

Music continues to fall through my letterbox here, Apologies to everyone that I haven’t responded to if you sent me something, the truth is most probably that I haven’t had a chance to listen yet. Some discs I’ve really been enjoying lately have included Radiu Malfatti’s recent releases, string quartets from Benjamin Britten and Robert Simpson, the cello suites of Zoltan Kodaly, a disc by two young UK improvisers named Daniel Jones and Paul Khimasia Morgan and an assortment of releases featuring Martin Küchen. Hopefully at least some of these will get written about somewhere soon!

No gigs so far this year yet though… thats depressing!!

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