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March 29, 2008

I’m in Ireland right now, posting from a little internet cafe that would be a really nice place if they didn’t insist on playing Chris Rea records at you. I’m here for the i and e festival again, my third year in succession here. I nearly didn’t make it over this time, with other stuff in life getting in the way, but I’m really pleased I made the effort again. The journey here was hell however, a two hour car journey was followed by the severe annoyance of having my debit card stolen by a faulty ATM machine at Stansted airport. Fortunately I had withdrawn plenty of cash earlier or I wouldn’t be sat typing this here now. This was followed by a three hour wait at Stansted, the first two hours in the airport waiting lounge, which has apparently won various awards, presumably for services to soulless plastic places for people to look depressed in.

Anyway the music last night was fantastic, as is so often the case at this great little festival. More detail later when I have had the time to wrap my head around it all without “A road to hell” blaring in my ears, but the final two sets last night were great. The closing performance by No Furniture (Axel Dorner, Kai Fagaschinski and Boris Blatschun) was a subtle, assured set from three fantastic musicians. The real gem for me was the set by the Chip Shop Music quartet of Erik Carlsson, Martin Kuchen, David Lacey and Paul Vogel, really great and highly engaging music that had me right on the edge of my rather uncomfortable church pew seat. Later we enjoyed a game of count how many bowls of rice can be delivered to one table in a pretty bad Chinese restaurant, followed by a round of hunt the German musicians in ridiculously overcrowded Dublin pubs, but a great time was had all around.

Tonight there are four more sets, a solo from Boris Baltschun, a clarinet duo from Paul Vogel and Roy Carroll (having met him last night I can assure everyone that Mr Carroll has never played in goal for Manchester United), a solo from Jason Lescalleet and the much anticipated trio of Kuchen, Carlsson and Dorner. This great city feels like a second home these days. Right now after wandering around in the rain again today I’m off to bed for a few hours.

Oh yes and thanks Al for looking after audition alone again this weekend, much appreciated.

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  • Alastair

    April 1, 2008 at 8:45 am

    You won’t thank me when you hear it… 😉

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