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July 18, 2009

Please could you take a moment to read the text below, written by the folks at Instants Chavires, Paris’ most vital venue for our music, and then click on this link and sign the petition. It just takes a few seconds and might help make a real difference. If you follow the link, you complete a very quick form, then receive an email back asking you to just click a link to validate your signature. It is important to do that last bit. 

Maybe like me you have never been to Instants Chavires, but had intended for a long time to do so. Maybe you may never get there, but this community of ours should stick together to support one another. We all face similar problems worldwide. Today in Paris, tomorrow anywhere else. Please don’t just read this, go click on the link. Please also copy and paste the text below into an email and send it to anyone in your contacts list. Every bit of support helps.

On Thursday July 2nd 2009 we were shocked to learn that the balance of the operational subsidy allocated to our Association by the General Council of the Seine-Saint-Denis Department had been slashed by no less than 25,000€ – a drop of more of 19%. This in addition to a 7,000€ cut in our municipal subsidy (at the beginning of the year, the town of Montreuil had announced a reduction of 15,000€, 7000€ being the amount eventually decided upon by the end of June). This means that we have lost 32,000€ in 2009. 

The lack of funding has forced us to cancel our Autumn season of concerts, video projections and exhibitions, in its entirety. Even maintaining a strict minimum of programmed events would lead to a budgetary deficit that we simply could not contemplate.

We have serious questions regarding how the Council reached its decision, and what factors might have influenced it in so doing, and to date do not know on what opinions or analyses the said decision was based. We also deplore that the decision was taken so late.

It would seem that the Department has deliberately adopted a policy designed to weaken our Association, resulting in a slow asphyxiation that will put the entire future of the Instants Chavirés in jeopardy. How are we to plan for a 2010 season in such conditions?

“Art must be where it’s indispensible, which means everywhere” – Claude Lévêque, artist

We maintain that an intermediary cultural space like the Instants Chavirés is an essential complement to existing institutions, and that it has made a major contribution to the diversity of the cultural offer, playing an essential role in discovering and promoting art for over 18 years. 

Does the Seine-Saint-Denis Department still have the political will to maintain an internationally acclaimed artspace dedicated to contemporary creation, however modest it may be?

We demand the setting up of a round table with all our institutional partners to rehabilitate a relation which is clearly deteriorating. It is essential to redefine the financial framework together, regarding the unique nature of our artistic commitment as well as our geographical and structural specificity.

We urge you then to sign the online petition (http://instants.mollo.fr), and write to Claude Bartolone, President of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, and / or to the Mayor of Montreuil, Dominique Voynet, to inform them of what the Instants Chavirés represents in the local, national and international cultural landscape, and express your own commitment to the lasting nature of this project.

You can address your correspondence directly to us at the following email address soutiens@instantschavires.com, or by regular mail to Instants Chavirés, 7 Rue Richard Lenoir 93100 Montreuil – France. We undertake to forward it to the parties concerned.
Please circulate this communiqué as widely as you can, amongst everyone you know. Thank you.
Association Muzziques Рles Instants Chavir̩s

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  • Jacques Oger

    July 18, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks a lot Richard for posting the info on your blog.
    And your celerity !

    Hope a lot of people will sign it !

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