Concerts attended 2007

April 9, 2007

This post is just a nerdy list, but its really there for my own reference purposes.
A list of the shows I’ve attended in 2007 that I will update as the weeks go by.

January 6th, Sound323 Basement, London.

Mark Wastell and Joachim Nordwall
Henrik Rylander

January 13th, the Flea Pit, London.

Traw with Rhodri Davies
Ben Drew and Louisa Martin

February 3rd, Project Arts Space, Dublin

The Sealed Knot
Rob Casey

February 5th, The Red Rose, London.

Will Guthrie
Tim “sic” Goldie
Goh Lee Kwang

February 6th, Rose of England, Nottingham.

Will Guthrie
Okkyung Lee and Dom Lash
Lee Patterson and Jez Riley French

February 10th, “Sotto Voce” The Warehouse, London.

Portable (Rhodri Davies, Louisa Martin, Ben Drew) with Ivar Grydeland
Gary Smith
Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies

February 23rd, the Flea Pit, London.

Mathias Forge, Cyril Epinat, Leo Dumont
Mark Wastell and Spencer Grady

March 23rd, Red Rose, London.

John Wall and Lee Gamble
Alex Ward and Steve Beresford

March 24th, Sound323 Basement, London.

Rhodri Davies and Graham Halliwell

March 3oth, Trinity College Printing House, Dublin.

Fergus Kelly and Judith Ring
Will Guthrie
Joe Colley
Wade Matthews and Andrea Neumann

March 31st, Trinity College Printing House, Dublin.

Wade Matthews, Lee Patterson, Paul Vogel
Andrea Neumann and John Tilbury

Will Guthrie, David Lacey, Paul Vogel
Sean óg
Lee Patterson
Joe Colley and Eric la Casa

April 1st, Unitarian Church, Dublin.

Morton Feldman’s For Bunita Marcus performed by John Tilbury.

May 12th, The Sage, Gateshead.

Angharad Davies, Tisha Mukarji, Andrea Neumann
Los Glissandinos
Northern Sinfonia performing Radu Malfatti’s Gateshead 21

May 25th, Q-o2 Werkplaats, Brussels..

Radu Malfatti, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura, Lucio Capece, Julia Eckhardt, Christian Kesten
Composition and Improvisation

May 28th, Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London

Ryoichi Kurokawa
AVVA (Toshimaru Nakamura, Billy Roisz)
Sachiko M with Ben Drew

June 11th, the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Improvisers from Newcastle
Keith Rowe

June 20th, Outside Kinetica Gallery, Spittalfields Market, London.

Lee Patterson, Rob Mullender

July 3rd, Goethe Institute, Dublin.

Angharad Davies, David Lacey, Lee Patterson, Paul Vogel

July 19th, Salle Diff’Art, Parthenay, France.

Sound Like Water (Lucio Capece, Rhodri Davies, Burkhard Beins, Toshimaru Nakamura)

July 20th, “Le Logis” Le Retail, France.

Eric Brochard, Eric Vagnon
Tamara Nen-Artzi, Diego Chamy

July 20th, Salle Diff’Art, Parthenay, France.

Eric Cordier, Denis Tricot
Gunda Gottschalk, Peter Jacquemyn, Ute Voelker
Qwat Neum Sixx (Sophie Agnel, Daunik Lazro, Micael Nick, Jerome Noetinger)

July 21th, Tour de la Poudriére, Parthenay, France.

Angharad Davies

July 21th, Maison des Cultures de Pays, Parthenay, France.

Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura
Andy Guhl

July 21th, Salle Diff’Art, Parthenay, France.

Trio Sowari

August 26th, Port Mahon, Oxford

For Barry Ray
Traw with Dominic Lash
Divine Coils
Beautiful Screaming Lady

October 23rd, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Arditti Quartet performing;

Anton Webern – 6 Bagatelles
Luigi Nono – Fragmente – Stille
Arnold Schoenberg – String Quartet No.2, Op.10

October 31st, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Maurizio Pollini performing:

Arnold Schoenberg – Three pieces for piano, Op.11
Arnold Schoenberg – Six little pieces for piano, Op.19
Altan Berg – Four pieces for clarinet and piano, Op.5
Luigi Nono – …sofferte onde serene… (Sound projection by André Richard)

André Richard, Reinhold Braig (Sound projection)
Barbara Hannigan (Soprano)
Alain Damiens (Clarinet)
Cologne Percussion Quartet
Experimental Studio for Acoustic Arts Freiburg
Sara Ercoli, Terence Roe, Margot Nies (Voci Recitante)
Beat Furrer (Conductor)


Luigi Nono – Djamila Boupacha, for solo voice.
Luigi Nono – A floresta e jovem e cheja de vida.

Irvine Arditti performing:

Luigi Nono – La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura.

23rd November 2007, Bates Mill Blending Shed, Huddersfield


24th November 2007, Bates Mill Blending Shed, Huddersfield

Helena Gough, Lee Patterson
Sudden Infant
Tim Parkinson, James Saunders

29th November 2007, LMC Festival ’07 Copthorne Theatre, London

Bob Levene
Angharad Davies, Julia Eckhardt, Michael Duch performing Taku Sugimoto’s 29th December 2007
Yasuno Tone
Taku Sugimoto

30th November 2007, LMC Festival ’07 Copthorne Theatre, London

Anglica Castello, Billy Roisz
Matt Davis, Robin Hayward
Charlemagne Palestine
Norbert Moslang

1st December 2007, LMC Festival ’07 Copthorne Theatre, London

Steve Beresford, Mark Sanders, Peter Evans
Helena Gough
Margarida Garcia, Barry Weisblat
John Butcher, Tony Buck, Burkhard Stangl

11th December 2007, Red Rose Club, London

Tetuzi Akiyama, Hervé Boghossian
Joachim Nordwall, Mark Wastell
Osso Exotico, Z’Ev
Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi

12th December 2007, Spike Island, Bristol

Ben Drew, Helena Gough, Lee Patterson
John Wall

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  • Anonymous

    January 4, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Dear Mr Pinnell,
    Do you know where I can acquire reliable concert listings for the London (in the area you’re interested in)?

    I live there, and I’m practically never able to find listings for any of the concerts you list in London. The London Musicians Collective Website almost never lists any concerts on its page, and the venues themselves don’t seem to have websites, and those which do don’t list any music. Nor does Timeout London.


  • Richard Pinnell

    January 4, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Hi G (and please call me Richard!)

    Well I don’t have one main source of upcoming gig information. I probably get my info from a variety of places, some of these would be The Wire magazine, (which is an expensive way of finding out what’s on), word of mouth and promotional emails.

    I would recommend getting yourself onto mailing lists of promoters, this is usually achieved by asking to be put on the list when you pay at the door of a show, but yes you have to attend a concert first!

    I’ll try and mention shows here when I can, and the Upcoming Concerts thread at the I Hate Music forum (theres a link from this page on the left) can be helpful.

    If your taste is similar to mine I’ll try and remember to forward you some emails when I get them if you send me your address to Richard (at) Cathnor (dot) com.

    Its a little sad that when audience numbers are still so low someone that wants to attend doesn’t know the gigs are on…! I’m sure we can sort that out.

    Right now I don’t know of any great shows lined up, its usually quiet this time of year.

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