Saturday 7th August

August 7, 2010

DSCF1074As promised, a brief post then as I am off out in a moment and won’t be back in front of a computer before tomorrow, I’m still not sure where we are going, probably just into Oxford for a slow walk around some old buildings or something, but that said it has been raining pretty hard here this morning, and although it has stopped I wouldn’t want to put too much on it not starting again. This morning I listened to a single CD, a recording of Janos Starker playing Kodaly’s Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello. Why exactly I should choose such an appasionato piece of music influenced by Hungarian folksong to accompany a grey, quiet, rainy Saturday morning’s coffee and scrambled eggs I don’t really know, but the second last chapter of Stewart Lee’s book went down as well as breakfast did with such a soundtrack. Days like today remind me how lucky I am really. When the biggest decisions we have to make each day are over the suitability of cello music at breakfast then things can’t be too bad. Now it has started to rain heavily again. I can see an afternoon of playing scrabble indoors on the horizon.

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