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May 2, 2007

The blog seems to be the internet age’s eqivalent to the good old fanzine. Whilst I do actually miss the craft and creativity involved in cutting, pasting, photocopying and stapling ‘zines in the past, the speed that blogs allow you to spread your thoughts around the world is scarily fast. Gone are the days of trawling the classified adverts in the back of the NME or wherever for the contact address of whatever lovingly created new title hit the streets that week, followed by sending off concealed cash and waiting for days for it to arrive. Today a quick google search brings instant gratification, no waiting, no payment, no stray staples stabbing you as you ripped the envelope open in excitement…

If I’m honest there is a nostalgic side to me that misses those good old days, when it took a lot of effort and love to be able to self publish whatever rubbish you had to foist upon the world. Nowadays its all too easy to throw your thoughts out there. Less effort is made to keep the quality high, and great publishing tools like Blogger remove the need for any technical ability, opening up the ‘net to just about anyone, but also removing some of the creativity and individuality previously inherent to self publishing.

Having said all of this, there are a few blogs out there now that write about this area of music that are the online equivalent of the old fanzines, well written and put together with care. Along with steadfast favourites such as Brian Olewnick’s Just Outside and Robert Kirkpatrick’s A Spiral Cage the list of blogs I like over there on the left hand side has been bolstered by links to Dom Lash’s fine (if infrequent) Force of Circumstance and JK Brogan’s intriguing collections of quotes, links and questions Open this surface to clouds amongst others.

Today a new promising blog appeared that I think needs a mention (and not just because it carries a fine review of a Cathnor release :) Matt (otherwise known as Sound Plague from the I hate Music forum) from way down under in Oz launched the TAOMUD blog today with a flurry of initial reviews, a nice start, go take a look.

Edit: Just noticed J.K Broan’s surname was incorrect here for best part of a month, corrected now, my apologies!

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  • Legume Mann

    May 4, 2007 at 1:15 am

    Hey Richard,
    Thanks for the write up. I hope to the blog growing so keep checking back from time to time.

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