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Wednesday 22nd September

September 22, 2010

Baleful_ImageJust when you’d all forgotten about it, or feared that I may have forgotten about it, The Listen Series resurfaces! I will admit that after my initial excitement about the project I just haven’t had the time to commit to it, and have had this new piece of music sat in the backburner for far too long. Here though, at last, is the second ‘release’ in the series, a short free improvisation by Massimo Magee. I hope that this relaunch will now trigger some renewed activity for the series, and already I have a special project lined up for the next release.

I’m not going to comment on Massimo’s music, though suffice to say that I like it a lot, and that it embodies his strongly felt views on improvised music fully. Let me know your thoughts on the music in the comments below!

The dedicated page for Massimo’s release can be found here. A new page for the Listen Series, where the first piece, by Alan Jones can be found, is here.

In other news, while researching the great site for a small piece commissioned for The Wire, I spotted a new upload of a live set recorded at Mulhouse in France this year by Klaus Filip and Radu Malfatti here. I haven’t listened yet, but I suspect it might well be worth grabbing and listening to.

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