Friday 12th November

November 12, 2010

IMG_0125I’m typing this mid afternoon on Friday, a little before heading over to Tramway for the first evening of events at the Instal festival. I’m writing now as I suspect I’ll be home too late tonight to write at length, though I have little of interest to add for now. After ten much needed hours of sleep I went for a walk this morning in search of breakfast, finally settling on a small café somewhere down near Glasgow Central station. Since getting into town yesterday it has rained constantly, and the wind keeps getting up high, so making walking about a typically Glaswegian experience. I was soaked by the time I sat down to a cooked breakfast and a decent coffee, but along the way I had managed to take a few photos of the city, something I haven’t really managed to do before as every visit here in the past has always been a bit rushed and there hasn’t really been the time.

I sat and read over breakfast (Roger Scruton’s History of Modern Philosophy, which seemed quite apt to take along with me this weekend) and watched the rain run down the window in a suitably cinematic fashion before wandering out around the city (which is now essentially one big puddle) for a while longer. Another nap this afternoon (told you I was tired) and a further coffee back here at the hotel has set me up for what I hope will be the first of three thoughtful and enjoyable evenings. I will write more then, with some first impressions of the festival tomorrow. Anyone know where I can buy a cheap umbrella?

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  • simon reynell

    November 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Great photo, but jeez, what the heck are you reading Roger Scruton for? Scruton is to philosophy what George Osborne is to economics. Simon Critchley would be far more in tune with the ideas of most of the musicians/performers, and much wittier. But have a great time and let us know all about it.

  • Richard Pinnell

    November 12, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Heh. Yeah it actually took about thirty pages before it clicked that maybe there might be a better perspective in the subject. I picked the book up after reading a review that suggested the book gave a good overview without the unnecessary wordiness. It does that part of the deal quite well. I’ll persevere unless you can suggest a similar book without the right wing viewpoint? Maybe the Critchley you mention?

  • simon reynell

    November 12, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Re Critchley: both ‘The Book of Dead Philosophers’ and ‘How to Stop Living and Start Worrying’ are at once accessible, thought-provoking and entertaining. And ‘Continental Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction’ is denser, but a good general introduction to modern philosophy imo.

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