Thursday 16th December

December 17, 2010

10010So its late, I have just finished packing a case, I have to be on a train in four hours time and its snowing outside. I should be in bed. So I am off to Paris until Saturday afternoon, a brief moment of respite from the chaos that Christmas brings me each year. The timing of this trip isn’t good, not only because of work but also because I don’t really want to be away from Julie for long right now, but I am going because she has pleaded with me to do so. Looking forward to it anyway, and I am going to be staying overnight with the very kind man that is Jacques Oger.

So I will be taking the laptop, and will try and write something from the train to France, a journey I am quite looking forward to, having only done it once before, en route to Brussels, a trip I can barely remember now. The iPod is charged, a couple of hours of old Radio4 comedy loaded up and the passport in the suitcase. Maybe I’ll write again in a few hours time then.

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  • Massimo Magee

    December 17, 2010 at 12:46 am

    Bon voyage, Richard!

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