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January 26, 2009

Its Brian Olewnick’s fault by the way, just so you know who to blame later. Blame for what? I hear you cry dear loyal, slightly mad reader that checks in here every so often to see if I’ve got off of my lazy backside and written anything new in the last couple of months…

Well, I’ve decided, slightly stupidly I’m sure, to do something a bit extreme and turn this blog into a daily affair. Yes you read that correctly, me, the world’s least prolific blogger is going to try and write something new here every day. On some days just a couple of lines, but most often hopefully a paragraph of two about the music I’ve listened to that day, whatever that may have been. Not just for a week or two either. I intend to write for at least a year, and who knows, hopefully longer.

So why do this? Surely all that can result from this is a load of unfocussed crap, descriptions of what I had for dinner and the usual moans about how hard I work? Well yeah that’s probably about where this will lead, but maybe, just maybe it will get something of quality out of me every now and again. Let’s face it at least I’ll get something written here. Something has got to be better than nothing. I think.

I still hope to write lengthy pieces here too. They’ll appear about as often as they do now, but I want to give brief posts a chance to work as well. There are a few inspirations behind doing this. Over the past year I’ve been reading the daily blog of Richard Herring, a comedian probably only known to those British readers here. Six years ago he began to write a daily public blog to help him get over the writer’s block he was suffering from. He hasn’t missed a day since and is these days known just as well for his blog as for anything else he does. I don’t have writer’s block though. I just need motivation.

A few years back I undertook a project to write a review of a different album by the American sound artist Jeph Jerman each day for a month. Although the resulting prose left something to be desired that was a very rewarding project for me on a number of levels. I hope that perhaps a little of the enjoyment and reward I took from that exercise will reappear here. Also, I am lucky enough to get sent a few free CDs by lovely, kind people around the world who, for reasons best known only to themselves wish me to hear their music. I always feel very guilty that I just don’t write anything anywhere about a number of these discs and so this new format for The Watchful Ear will hopefully help me rectify this a little bit. I do still intend to try and write “proper” reviews for Bagatellen and Paris Transatlantic by the way, and I hope this new undertaking will encourage more constructive writing from me rather than get in the way of an already very slow process. (However Dan, if the latter proves to be the case then its Brian’s fault, OK?)

Because of course, the main reason for trying this is just to keep Brian Olewnick happy. As I’m sure everyone reading this also reads Brian’s superb blog Just Outside you will probably know that this week he announced a list of his favourite blogs and excluded this one from his roundup simply because I don’t post enough. He’s right of course, but still I’m going to make him eat his words. The next time he does something similar he’ll miss me off the list because I only write complete crap, but at least there will be a lot of it. So yeah, it’s Brian’s fault.

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  • Brian Olewnick

    January 28, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    nyuk, nyuk…mission accomplished….

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