Stress and the CD

December 10, 2006

Music is one of my escapes from this relentless assault on my blood pressure, but stress is never far away.

So whilst browsing the contemporary classical sections of the big music chains on Oxford Street this afternoon I found a disc of the “Ka” and “Ttai” piano suites by Giancinto Scelsi, a CD on the Col Legno label that I’ve never seen before. I bought it, and headed off to the pub to meet Alastair, my co-presenter on the audition radio programme for our pre-show drink.

It was whilst sat waiting for him to arrive I noticed a statement from Scelsi on the back of the disc:

“This suite should be listened to and played with the greatest interior calm. Restless people should keep away”

Well as of today I have a new ambition, to be able to sit and listen to this album.

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