Saturday 16th July

July 16, 2011

Well we are having a lovely time, wish you were here. No actually, I don’t. Despite the day beginning with torrential rain (which actually sounded great against the roof of the old converted coachouse we are staying in) we still made it down into the City of Bath today, which is nice I guess, a kind of Roman Oxford with a better range of shops. We wandered about aimlessly mostly, went in and out of shops, drank coffee, and much to my delight and Julie’s dismay we found an Oxfam shop that was selling off old classical vinyl for 49p a disc. The rest of our wandering was slightly slower once laden down with sixteen pieces of vinyl (lots of Strauss, Schubert, Mahler, Wagner, Shostakovich and Bruckner) I’ve no idea when I will listen to it all, but I better had do having made Julie sit and wait as I went through everything in the shop. Anyway, we are having a lovely time for those that care, apologies to those that don’t- home tomorrow and I will write a post about music just for a change. The image today is of a sign that points the way to a street I think I would like to live on…

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