Friday 12th August

August 13, 2011

No review tonight, my focus has been on other things today, spending some time with visiting friends, continuing to recover gradually from my back problems and begin to wean myself off of the drug dependence I have naturally had to undergo to get over the pain. In truth, although the opposite would seem to be the case, I haven’t had much time to listen to music. Its weird how you get into routines though. Normally I listen to a CD in the morning before setting out to work around ten o’clock. I get home about nine at night, and listen some more while cooking and eating dinner before retiring to my room to listen properly without any distractions, then I write. Being away from that schedule- off of work, drugs affecting my sleeping patterns, not getting out to buy food, getting caught up reading a book for longer than I thought- all of these things break up the usual way I listen, the usual way I process music. The opportunities for thoughts about the music to evolve seem fewer. I listen, but don’t process the music in the same way. Tonight I have been listening to Droplets, the CD by Lash, Hughes and Farmer recently released on Another Timbre and enjoying it hugely, but I’m not even remotely close to being able to write anything about it. As I sit here typing the still present impact of diazepam and codeine on my bloodstream is slowing down my ability to compose my thoughts into anything other than the waffle I am sharing with you now and for about the fifteenth time in the last few days I’m going to go and doze off again. I’ll try better tomorrow. While I am waffling on about nothing of interest in a tired and emotional state however, I should add here that I owe much thanks to both my parents and my wonderful girlfriend for all the help and support over the last few days. My parents have no idea how a computer works and won’t read this, but Julie will. Thanks a million x

For those that actually come here to read about music- Normal, much less sloppy service resumed tomorrow.

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