Sorting out my piles

December 11, 2006

Rarely a day passes without at least one CD falling through my letterbox (or rather gets left out in the rain thanks very much Mrs Postlady, grr) so its not unusual when coupled with regular trips to Sound323 for there to be a considerable pile of music waiting to be heard at the end of my desk.

Its rare that I manage to find a few spare hours to work my way through some of them, and even rarer that such a great little collection of albums accumulate at the top of the pile at one time. This past weekend though I somehow managed to spend some valuable time playing some of the recent releases I’ve gathered up, and I have to say its been a while since so many discs impressed me so much all at once.

I for one am glad I didn’t publish my favourite CDs of the year list just yet, as there are probably some entries in that list to be found amongst this little group of latecomers. More details on them to come soon, but for now these have all been spinning frequently on my overworked CD player the last few days:

Jaon Lescalleet – The Pilgrim (only the little silver CD so far, I couldn’t get the big one to fit in my player as yet)
Mark Wastell – Amoungst English Men
Olivia Block – Heave To
Tim Parkinson – Cello Piece
Joe Colley – Waste of Songs
Traw with Rhodri Davies – Cwywp y dwr ar ganol dydd

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  • patrick

    December 22, 2006 at 2:10 pm

    i see the electronics and percussion – max neuhaus cd there 😉 fantastic cd! patrick

  • Richard Pinnell

    December 22, 2006 at 2:35 pm

    Nice spot Patrick!, (and nice to see you here)

    That is indeed a great disc, Neuhaus has been something of a discovery for me this year. His Nine Realisations of the New York School disc on the Algha Marghen label has been my most played CD of 2006 as it happens. I’ve been frantically buying up everything of his I can find, great music.

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