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Sunday 22nd February

February 23, 2009

A short second post of the day then. (Well you’ve already had one! Brian Olewnick doesn’t write this frequently you know ;))

I worked for five hours early this morning. Today was the the third of ten straight days I’ll be at work so expect a few more tired posts over the forthcoming days dear reader. Once I got home today at around 2PM I set about filing CDs that I have listened to onto shelves, but left about forty on my desk that I have yet to get to. I’m going to persevere to get through as many of them as I can this coming week.

This afternoon I listened to the Malfatti/Unami album again, which is simply stunning, and then when I laid down on the bed to get some rest I put on the Kawaguchi album again, but as much as I really like that CD I couldn’t rest with it on, so I took it off after a couple of tracks and replaced it with the Graham Halliwell / Lee Patterson disc Terrain and I was asleep by the end of the second track. Not a criticism at all by the way, some music is just more restful than others, and the Kawaguchi makes me want to start walking at thirty miles an hour.

So tonight after taking a long walk with Julie I am eating camenbert with bruschettine dipped in olive oil and drinking a not-bad-at-all New Zealand Chardonnay. Life is good. (if not a little exhausting) Before the night is out I hope to listen a few other discs I have queued up here, Eric Cordier’s self released No Output Laptops disc, the new Mnortham/Seijiro Murayama on Xing-Wiu and an album of field recordings from Antartica by Andrea Polli. We’ll see how they go and I might report back tomorrow.

Playing right now on its second spin here is yet another release on Cor Fuhler’s Conundrom label, this time a septet called het Kabinet recorded live by Cor, Aleks Kolkowski (playing singing saw…) Jacques Palinckx, Gert-Jan Prins, Peter van Bergen, Michael Vatcher and Frank van Bommel. When Cor sent me his recent solo disc Wenen, the eighth on his label I noticed I had missed out on this, the seventh. I wrote to Cor asking him if I could buy a copy from him, but being his usual kind and generous self he chose instead to send me a copy and told me I owe him a drink. (I owe him about ten now) However he also said that he didn’t send it originally because he didn’t think it was my cup of tea… Now as one or two readers here will have noticed over recent weeks I’m fed up with people telling me what I will like or not! Mainly because they are usually correct and I hate being so predictable…. (sulks)

Cor was wrong this time though. het Kabinet does not sound particularly “old school” or jazz related to my ears. Its nowhere near as focussed as Wenen, but then being a septet it was really never going to be. Its not that busy either, the seven musicians leave a good deal of room for each other, and the mix of acoustic and electric instrumentation works well. It was recorded in 2006 (bit slow getting this one out weren’t you Cor? 😉 ) but still sounds pretty fresh to my ears. The music seems to inhabit an area of improv that I’ve noticed developing a lot in recent months, a kind of post-reductionism hesitation to break into long passages of playing, but still involving little clusters of busy activity spaced apart from one another. This isn’t quiet music, or restrained music, but it is certainly considered, thoughtful music rather than just a hell-for-leather flow of sound. Its definitely worth finding out where Cor is playing next and planning a trip to go and see him, if only to buy these discs from him. Go do it.

He also (quite unexpectedly) sent me a copy of a 2002 recording of himself, Han Bennink andWilbert de Joode called Tinderbox. Now I’m pretty sure this one was sent to really test me…! I’m looking forward to giving it a spin tomorrow. :)

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  • graham halliwell

    March 31, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    Richard, I thought you may like to read this interview with Lee Patterson over at Bagatellen (posted today) when you finally wake up from listening to Terrain :-)

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