Monday 30th January

January 31, 2012

No post tonight I am afraid. I haven’t been in the best of health all day, a bit worried that a badly bloodshot eye I woke up with didn’t clear up all day. I am off of work tomorrow, with a lot of writing for The Wire to get finished, but I might have to find the time to visit a doctor if it hasn’t shown any signs of clearing up. Work was a stress, non stop and exhausting, and Julie’s day wasn’t much better, so by the time we saw each other tonight we were like too knackered zombies staring at each other, just with one of us with a redder eye than the other. I’m not sure how much chance I will get to write for these pages tomorrow weather, as I have quite a bit of other writing to get finished and a fair amount of listening to get on with, including finishing my run through the John Cage Empty Words release with the last part. I will spare you the blow by blow account of the experience this time however.

So, apologies for the tardy performance tonight, and we shall see what I manage to get done tomorrow. Tonight I have decided to treat you with a close up of my eye, which actually doesn’t look that bad at all. Better from me soon then.

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