Thursday 2nd February

February 3, 2012

No post from me again tonight, as I have spent the last four hours solidly working on the final touches to the two Wire pieces I have been writing. They are done now (I think) and normal reviewing service will be resumed here tomorrow. Once I had written enough tonight to be able to stop listening to the music I was addressing, and had entered the editing stage of things, I began to listen to the three new releases involving Ryu Hankil and his typewriter that have emerged from Korea. These works are as beautiful visually as they are exciting and intriguing aurally so I will try and write about at least one of them tomorrow, and I look forward to doing so.

For those that only click into these pages for updates about my bloodshot eye, I can report, that while it remains about fifty percent more red than it should normally be,the discolouration does seem to be receding and certainly the discomfort I initially felt has all but gone. More updates on such crucial matters may reappear at the weekend, when I will be travelling about attending concerts and I am out of reach of my stereo system, but you never know, I might find time to write about the concerts a bit as well. Better here soon I promise. Today’s photo was also taken today, the back of a stray piece of fake wood veneer ripped from a wall. It just looked good against a white desk to me.

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