Friday 3rd February

February 4, 2012

OK so today went a bit pear-shaped in the end. I didn’t get home from work tonight until gone eleven, and then had to rewrite one of one of the two pieces I had submitted to The Wire, and as I have to be up early to drive to Brighton tomorrow morning the planned review of one of Ryu Hankil’s new releases is going to have to wait. I am well aware that I haven’t written much here this week, and am also unlikely to for the next couple of days, but such is life. If I don’t get some sleep at some point I’ll be useless to everyone.

The forecast is heavy snow overnight or early tomorrow. Brighton is more than three hours away from here, and I am a little nervous that we will hit problems, but one ironically interesting thought did occur to me. I have spoken on the radio and also written here before about how I have compared listening to Jason Kahn’s music to driving through a snowstorm / blizzard. If all goes to plan I will be bringing him back from Brighton to his concert in Oxford on Sunday, so you never know, that oddly recurring image might become reality in a funny kind of way. In truth I would quite like it if the snow stayed away until next week but we shall have to wait and see. Tomorrow’s post then will hopefully come from the South Coast. If it doesn’t for some reason, then I’ll definitely write a review! Today’s pic wasn’t drawn by me.

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