Sunday 5th February

February 5, 2012

So very tired tonight, but a couple of very nice days have been had. Julie and I began the day in Brighton, before picking up a passenger and bringing him safely back to Oxford in time to play a concert this evening at Art Jericho, which went very well and was musically extremely enjoyable. It was good to get away for the weekend, even though it was very cold and the two days were somewhat exhausting. Tomorrow I will write some kind of round-up of the two events, though maybe not a review, as given my involvement in some elements of it all that probably wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Tonight I feel the need to say thank you to Julie for being so great this weekend, to all of the musicians for the music and to Kostis Kilymis, who did a fantastic job at the concert in Oxford tonight. Apologies for not writing more. This coming week I intend to make up for the lack of content over the past few days here.

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