Tuesday 14th February

February 14, 2012

So today is Valentine’s Day, and as for once Julie and I are both off of work at the same time I have headed over to her place for a quiet night in with a couple of bottles of wine and the rare chance to cook together. So, writing a review tonight has been replaced by listening to moans about how many chocolates I bought Julie this year, eighties pop music and me forcing Julie to find the pieces I wrote in the new Wire, a task she carries out every month with a smile and a secret sigh of dutiful resignation. Today I went and bought new glasses, and had a thorough health check done on my eyes, and despite the remnants of the bleed I had in my left eye still a little visible the surprisingly chirpy and likeable ophthalmologist wasn’t at all concerned and actually told me that he would write me a new prescription only because my eyesight was improving as I got older. Yeah, I couldn’t figure that out either.

So, that’s it for this evening. Plenty of reviews to come. Over twenty releases have arrived here over the past four days so there is plenty of listening to get done, with one or two really nice pieces of music amongst it all. A better post tomorrow then, but for now I need to go and be all romantic before Julie reads what I have written here and throws one of several boxes of chocolates at me. Tonight’s photo is one I took a week or so back, a tree as seen through a polystyrene microphone cover.

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