Sunday 18th March

March 18, 2012

Very tired tonight. (Look, its weeks since I wrote that!) I worked hard right through the weekend in the day job, including being up at six this morning to do a ten hour shift. As I have to do something similar tomorrow then I am ducking out of writing a review this evening. I have only taken one day off of reviewing previously over the last fourteen, so I think I am due an early night. I’m not sure what to plug tonight though, like I usually do when I have nothing of any more value to offer. Any ideas? (That’s asking for it…)

I am not completely done with vinyl reviews yet, with a couple of things still here to be listened to, one of which, a Ferran fages album was the inspiration to do a week on vinyl anyway, so I will definitely get to that one this week. Concerted efforts are required to reduce the unheard CD pile here as well though, so I will see if I can do another six straight days of reviewing, although it would take six or seven weeks like that, without receiving anything new in the meantime to be able to clear the backlog! (I love to really…) So that’s it for tonight. Tonight’s photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago, but you know, I don’t remember what it was I photographed, so I haven’t a clue what this actually is. Going senile in my old age…

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