Tuesday 24th April

April 24, 2012

Sorry, no post again tonight, for a few reasons. Firstly, I got home from work quite late tonight after a particularly long and tiring day, so I haven’t had much time to listen and even less energy to concentrate. Then, while I have been home I have been listening to a CD that arrived this morning that I have to write up for The Wire to a very close deadline, so the odds are stacked against a review post here tonight. I will however plug a few gigs on the horizon, some of which I hope to be able to attend. One that I sadly won’t be able to make it along to takes place at the wonderful London Review of Books shop on Tuesday 1st May featuring the excellent duo of John Butcher (sax) and Gino Robair (drum and energised surfaces). This is a duo that I would very much like to see, at a venue I like a lot. Tickets are still on sale here, and I thoroughly recommend you make it to this one if you can. I love that image was well, whoever drew it.

Butcher will also be present the day before taking part in a quite extraordinary line up convened by Ilan Volkov to perform Christian Wolff’s Stones on a bill that also sees John Tilbury and Maya Dunietz perform Morton Feldman’s Two Pianos. It takes place at Kings Place, London. Details here.

Then on the 3rd of May, in Oxford Seijiro Murayama visits, and plays a much anticipated set with Sarah Hughes, with a solo from Kostis Kilymis and a reading from francis Ponge by Bruno Gustalla also taking place. That one will be another gig in a bookshop. Details can be found by clicking the advert over there on the lower left of the screen and marvelling over the beauty of the poster that appears.

The following day Londoners can then see Seijiro play a duo with Seymour Wright up in Stoke Newington on a bill that also includes the nice looking trio of Ross Lambert, Jennifer Allum and Daichi Yoshikawa. Details for that one here, but don’t click on that link if you are an angry bull.

Then finally there is the Freedom of the City Festival, taking place in four sessions over the 5th and 6th May, which includes the usual mix of various strains and strands of improvised music. Personally I can’t wait to hear what on earth the trio of Lee Patterson, Caroline Kraabel and John Edwards might sound like. A better post tomorrow then, but some dates for the diary in the meantime.

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  • Han-earl Park

    April 25, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    3rd of May seems to be the day in England. Happen to be performing with Richard Barrett on that day (otherwise Iā€™d go and catch Gino šŸ˜‰

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