Wednesday 25th April

April 26, 2012

Well its late again, 1AM as I write this, after getting in not all that long ago from a lengthy day in London where I met up with some very fine people, most notably Brian and Linda Olewnick alongside their charming British friend Maria, as well as Simon Reynell and Kostis Kilymis for a short while who both happened to be passing through the city at the right time. A fun time was had, even though one of the primary goals for the day, to visit the Tate Modern and view the considerable collection of abstract expressionism was scuppered by the fact that the Tate was half closed while the new extension is built, and the area used to house the works we wanted to see were filled with someone’s collection of dead fish. A brief jaunt a few yards up the road in lovely weather later we had more success at Tate Britain, where they had pretty much filled the entire building with Turners, which is never a bad thing in my eyes, and it was nice to see Brian overcome some of his reticence towards Turner after he had seen the first fifty or so works…

Dinner was had at a particularly nice Nepalese restaurant in Euston and we talked about music, politics, Fawlty Towers, Gordon Brown and Alan Rickman for different reasons. Really good to catch up with everyone anyway, but while you can blame Brian for me writing here every night for the last three years you can also blame him for me not writing this evening. Tomorrow, I will finally get some writing done. Honest. Tonight’s photo is a detail from what was easily my favourite work left in the Tate Modern.

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