Sunday 29th April

April 30, 2012

OK, so no post tonight, as I have been busy doing anything but listening to music all day, and as it approaches midnight I have only just got in after an evening with Julie, and have to be up for work again in six hours. I’m not sure how this forthcoming week will fare for posting here either, as throughout it I will attend five days of concerts, with the last couple, at the Freedom of the City Festival being all day affairs. I will try and keep up to date here with briefish write ups of the various events I attend, but time, tiredness and available wi-fi will dictate how worthwhile they might be. So given that I have little else to write about tonight, I should really plug the concert on Thursday evening in Oxford that I have a tiny hand in helping to organise. Click here and then wait a few minutes for the concert poster to download for more details, but if you are near Oxford or even if you are not please make it along to this gig if you can. Its held in a great little bookshop, so between sets you can browse the shelves. The perfect venue if you ask me.

All being well I will write from the train home from this extraordinary looking concert tomorrow. Tonight’s photo is one I took this afternoon, but have no idea why.

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