Monday 30th April

May 1, 2012

Urgh. I probably should not have made the trip into London tonight to attend the Gold Mines concert at Kings Place. It isn’t that I didn’t enjoy myself, as for the most part I did (musically it was something of a mixed bag) but I started off this morning pretty tired after getting up for work at six following not a lot of sleep, and then went straight into London in the rush hour after I had done a hard day’s work. So by the time I got to London this evening I was dead on my feet, weary legged, running on caffeine only and talking absolute rubbish to anyone I met. The concert was in fact something of a get together of much of London’s improv community, so I spoke a lot of rubbish to a good few people I think.

So I am not going to write tonight about the concert, as I don’t think I would be able to write anything sensible or maybe even legible, but tomorrow I will, as I do have a few things to say about this concert. For now I will just say that it contained some of the best music anyone is likely to hear for a while (John Tilbury and Maya Dunietz playing Feldman’s Two Pianos) through to some uninteresting improvisation and a performance of Christian Wolff’s Stones that was just little more than just alright. Or maybe I am just too tired to appreciate very much. This is quite possibly the case. I will write ore tomorrow evening, after another long day, and probably after an early evening, much needed sleep. Apologies. Photo taken on the train into London tonight.

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