Friday 4th May

May 4, 2012

OK, so a brief post tonight as I am in a London hotel room with Julie and it is really rude for me to be online and ignoring her for long, especially given that  I have just asked her to sit in a very small, windowless and airless basement room full of people and listen to two sets of pretty loud, often quite extreme improvisation.  We attended the Jiliad concert up in Stoke Newington, which involved an often loud, often full-on set by theduo of Seymour Wright and seignior Murayama, with Seiji playing a full drum kit and taking every advantage of theopportunity. We also heard the trio of Ross Lambert, Jennifer Allum and Daichi Yoshikawa, which was equally tough going in places for a newcomer to this music, especially one sat in a tight corner of a hot congested room with Daichi’sspeaker right in her ear.


So I may write more tomorrow if I get a chance, but for now we have a bottle of wine waiting and some winding down in peace is required.

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