Saturday 5th May

May 6, 2012

Another brief post then while Julie makes the coffee and feeds me chocolate buttons. We have not long got back to our hotel after the first night of the Freedom of the City festival, ,which has, as ever, been an intriguing mixed bag of music, and a lot of it too. I am particularly proud of Julie tonight, who, as someone who does not naturally have any affiliation with this music at all has now been to three concerts with me on three consecutive days, and with today lasting from 2pm to late evening and including eight different sets. It was a bit mean to not really tell her what to expect from the final set from Christian Marclay and Phil Minton, but it was great to hear her laugh after sitting so silently and studiously all day. Sorry for not writing a review, but that would take several hours and I am not that unsocial a boyfriend. A full report will appear here once I am home.

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