Saturday 12th May

May 12, 2012

No post of value tonight. I am utterly exhausted after another long week at work, and want to get to bed early enough to be able to get up early and ensure tomorrow ends up a productive day rather than see me spend it slumped in a vegetative state wondering what hit me. I have plenty to be getting on with musically, the fruits of which should hopefully see the light of day soon. So I have little to write here, and if I did try and write it would end up as some kind of depressing drivel so I will just put a link here to the rather impressive list of Soundfjord events organised at the V22 Summer Club venue over the next month or more, with pretty much an event a day until the end of July, with a few potential little gems of performances amongst them. Details are here. Something much better here tomorrow I hope. Tonight’s photo taken randomly from my hard drive. I have washed the window since then.

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