Thursday 17th May

May 17, 2012

I am working hard tonight on a few pieces for The Wire, so alas I don’t have time for a review here this evening. There is just about enough time for a smidgeon of self promotion of a kind. Over at his Just Outside blog the good Mr Olewnick has written reviews of the new Cathnor releases. Then I am also happy to be able to announce a rather fine looking concert I am co-organising in Oxford on June 28th. The line up consists of three duos- Radu Malfatti and Jürg Frey, Angharad Davies and Dominic Lash and Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis. I will have a poster design and further information, including detailed travel help for anyone planning on visiting from elsewhere in the country up here over the forthcoming weekend, but couldn’t resist announcing the gig early. It will take place at 8PM at St Columbas Church, Alfred St, Oxford. More details soon then.

Lastly, and of interest probably to a few CD label owners out there, I have managed to crack the design and build of a new website that will allow customers to purchase CDs and then get immediate downloads of said music, without having to rely on an outside service such as Bandcamp. Tests by various people using various browsers seem to have come back positive today, so all being well I will have yet another new Cathnor site up and running soon, and then hope to be able to support other labels that might want to be able to follow a similar route a little later on after that.

Self promotion over with then. Today’s photo is one I found on my hard drive and quite like, but I haven’t a clue what it is actually a photograph of… Now, must crack on.

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