Thursday 28th June

June 29, 2012

Well its 1AM and I’m not long home after an exhausting but also thoroughly enjoyable day. It started off with a long drive out into the north of the county to a remote village church where we recorded Radu Malfatti solo, followed by the concert back down in Oxford city centre, which despite horrendous traffic struggles and a relatively low turn out ended up a big success in my opinion with four really excellent sets. I am far too tired and my head is spinning after everything, so I’m not going to write anything tonight but will reiterate my thanks to all of the musicians and those friends that helped out this evening. I don’t normally organise concerts, and have no intention of doing it again any time soon, but certainly this one couldn’t have gone as well as it did without the support and patience of everyone today. Tomorrow, while I will be driving quite a bit attending a further recording session and heading up north I can take my foot off of the metaphorical pedal a little, if not the real one. I hope to be able to find a quiet corner to write a little more tomorrow. Until then I need to get some rest so will leave it there for this evening.

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