Friday 29th June

June 29, 2012

So, I am writing this post from Simon Reynell’s living room, listening to the gently percussive sound of his computer printer spewing out half a rain forest’s worth of scores to be performed by various musicians tomorrow over in Huddersfield. Today was a quite beautiful day spent in a church in North Oxfordshire (not the same one as yesterday, so I will actually have managed four churches in three days by the end of this weekend, didn’t think I’d be able to say that to be honest) Anyway, without going into details of the recording session I spent the best part of four hours flat on my back listening to some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard live for quite some time, so its been a very good day, even with the three hour hot, stop and start car journey up here that followed. I am now very tired but quite content, marvelling at the peace here, printer excluded just before hitting bed as there’s a long day again ahead tomorrow. Its hard work all this sitting around in recording sessions doing nothing you know… The photo I’ve chosen tonight is of the view I had today while listening to the music in the church. there are 140 little rectangles in this shot. I know, I counted them several times.

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