Saturday 30th June

June 30, 2012

So another extremely full day of sitting listening to other people working hard making music, some seven hours of it or so today, maybe around ten pieces of music played by a group of extremely talented musicians. I am however utterly shattered, and typing this whilst still finding the energy to wind up Radu Malfatti, who is sat beside me on the sofa right now, fortunately just out of punching range and too tired himself to get up and thump me one, as much as he would like to. Its been a fun but also quite beautiful few days of music, some of the results of which will hopefully see the light of day as CDs in good time. The quality of what we have heard certainly suggests to me that they should be made public. Today’s group of musicians, which I will refrain from detailing for now, were an experienced, but partly unfamiliar to one another group, who sat and played scores they were mostly new to and yet still managed to produce virtually faultless, thoroughly beautiful realisations. I will probably never cease to marvel at just how remarkable and resourceful musicians can be when put under a degree of pressure. Tomorrow evening I promise I will write more once home from dropping Herr Malfatti off at the airport again. For now I will head to bed again before he starts talking about old jazz records again… Another ceiling shot tonight, of the St paul’s Hall ceiling in Huddersfield, which I again spent some time looking up at today.

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