Sunday 1st July

July 2, 2012

So today I drove Radu back from Sheffield to Heathrow, and then on home myself, a four and a half hour road trip all together, and one fuelled entirely by inordinate amounts of coffee. This evening, on arriving home I fell asleep within minutes and stayed asleep for a good few hours, such is how tiring the least few days have been. The time has been spent mostly recording musicians perform composed work, with one improvisation thrown in, and of course the concert we put on last Thursday. The sessions were mostly organised by Simon Reynell, and undoubtably some of the many hours of material will end up on Another Timbre releases, but time will tell. Its a strange feeling attending recording sessions, always has been for me. The atmosphere is different to attending a concert, in some ways more relaxed, but also in she ways more tense, knowing that I am in many ways surplus to requirements in the room, and so therefore if I make an unwanted sound the impact is greater than if in a concert situation. So on one hand more relaxed in that the musicians can, and sometimes do stop and start again if a realisation of a score isn’t going to plan, but on a personal level it feels a more pressurised situation for me, which then enhances the degree of attention I feel I need to pay, and so involving me closer in the musical performance. Ultimately then, the amount of effort and both physical and mental energy required to be expended is probably greater than in amy other situation, so attending a dozen or so realisations over three or four days was an exhausting, but very rewarding experience. So again, this waffle is all I really have to offer here. I’m sure you can understand that listening to music and then reviewing it was the last thing I needed to be doing tonight. The pile of CDs awaiting my attention is at its highest for a few months right now, so I will knuckle down and get some CD listening done this week, promise. The photo above is of Dom Lash and Angharad davies, taken by Bruno Guastalla at the concert on Thursday.

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