Tuesday 10th July

July 10, 2012

No post tonight as Julie and I are taking an evening to relax, eat and drink cider in peace and quiet. I was going to post an archive flyer photo again tonight and add a few nostalgic, but generally boring words on it after, but instead I have just heard th news that our community of music has lost another great musician today, as Lol cox hill has passed on. I saw Lol play quite a few times over the years, and didn’t always like his music, didn’t always have kind words to say about it, but when I had the opportunity to spend a little time with him at a festival in Ireland a year or so ago I found him a warm and charming man, despite his being hampered by quite debilitating illness. His playing that week was wonderful, and made me go back to listen to the CDs I have from him again. Tonight, I raise my bottle of cider to Lol and remember an occasion a few years back, when presenting the audition radio show, when my co-presenter Alastair brought in his version of Uptown Top Ranking to play, and I ended up humming the tune with a smile on my face for several weeks after. RIP

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