Saturday 14th July

July 14, 2012

An early apologetic post today, as I am about to head into London for a couple of days of concerts, beginning this evening with a gig at CafĂ© Oto to celebrate Eddie Prevost’s 70th birthday. I’m not taking a computer with me, and Julie and I are staying in London overnight so I won’t be able to post later. Tonight’s concert has quite a line-up, ranging from the duo AMM of Prevost and Tilbury through to intriguing other sets that include a John White / Sebastian Lexer duo and John Butcher / Seymour Wright, both of which could be very interesting indeed. It will be good to sit and listen and watch London’s improv community come together again to celebrate one of its most consistently supportive and influential characters. Seeing as I won’t post again until late tomorrow evening this is as good a place to wish Eddie a very happy birthday as any.

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