Sunday 15th July

July 16, 2012

OK, so its 1AM and Julie and I are only just home from two quite intense days of music in London. Saturday night we went to Café Oto, where we attended a very busy and very humid 70th birthday celebration concert for Eddie Prévost, which included some strong performances, not the least of them being AMM playing an intimate set to open the evening. Then today we attended a private(ish) screening of a couple of Kostis Kilymis’ films in the afternoon, before heading over to the revolting, soulless building that is the Kings Place concert hall, where we caught a replay of the Lost and Found concert that I first saw as part of this year’s Audiograft festival in Oxford, including some fine, often amusing performances by The Albion Players, ParkinsonSaunders and others. Tonight I am exhausted, having listened to a lot of music, and so is Julie. I should add at this stage for those that worry about my dragging Julie along to such weekends- I don’t… Julie always comes of her own accord, and so its all her own fault if she gets home so tired that she sits singing Tim Parkinson’s songs to herself in a daze. Anyway, I promise six straight days of reviews now to make up for the recent dearth of them here, starting with some kind of overview of the past weekend tomorrow night. The photo above captures Stephen Cornford stood high above a spinning turntable as he tries to drop eggs into an eggcup balanced on it, while Patrick Farmer cuts bits of string up.

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