Sunday 22nd July

July 22, 2012

Just home, earlier than usual, from a London concert, but this one started at half past five and ended at eight, which makes it one of my favourite concerts of all time. Why can’t more Sunday gigs happen at these hours? Anyway despite being home earlier I’m still a little too tired to write about it this evening, and may or may not tomorrow, as I’m not really sure what to say about it, but I did enjoy tonight’s concert, by the quartet of Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer, Lee Patterson and Dominic Lash immensely. This was no ordinary concert, rather an excuse for four musicians to run riot in the incredible acoustic space that is the V22 building in Bermondsey, which used to be the Peek Freans biscuit factory not that many years ago. Give four mischievous musicians each with an exceptional ear for sound a license to do what they like in a huge, cavernous space like that one and you don’t get an ordinary concert. Instead you get grown men dragging bricks about on pieces of string, throwing pebbles at walls and each other, jumping up and down on sheets of wood, rolling gas canisters around and playing Bach sonatas incredibly beautifully. The frustrating, if not infuriating thing for me is that barely a dozen people paying audience members attended, just a week after an improv gig in London pulled in over two hundred. How and why people choose which concerts to go to and which they do not in this country is beyond me. Still, the lower numbers made for an easier concert to enjoy, with few sight lines blocked at a gig which required your head to be on a permanently rotating swivel. I’ll think about writing more on it tomorrow then. For now, the pic above is of Lee and Stephen fighting over who gets to dip microphones into empty bottles this time round.

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