Tuesday 7th August

August 7, 2012

No review post tonight I’m afraid, my evening off, which I am spending with Julie. We’ve cooked, (well, Julie has) and enjoyed some homemade pasta and now, after we have both finished long days at work its time to put the feet up with a chilled drink rather than think about listening to, or writing about music. Apparently we are now going to watch a TV programme all about decay….

Tomorrow I am off of work and all being well should manage to get some quality listening done, and a review written, which may well appear earlier in the day than usual, not sure yet. Tonight’s photo is a rather nice one found on the internet of one of those old weather indicators / barometers in which a little carved man or woman comes out dependent on whether (no pun intended) its going to be sunny or rainy today. I put this picture up because somebody recently remarked that Julie and I reminded him of one of these lovely old creations. I’m not quite sure which of us is meant to be the figure that comes out when its wet and miserable and which when it is warm and sunny, but I have my suspicions. A better post tomorrow.

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