Monday 13th August

August 13, 2012

No review tonight I am afraid. My day has been pretty rubbish from start to finish, but it ended this evening with a very long wait in my car in a traffic jam that saw me not get home before 10PM, and with a headache. If I learned anything from last night it is to not try and write reviews when tired and in a bad mood, so I will refrain tonight. This may then be as good a time as any to communicate my plans for this site from late September onwards. After I return from our holiday on the Isle of Skye I am going to take the site to a new schedule of three posts a week. There will be two long reviews a week, hopefully  a little better researched and considered pieces than I usually manage, plus on Sundays I aim to do a capsule review round up of everything else I have listened to that week. The plan then, is to write less, and so hopefully improve the quality of not only my writing but also of my personal life, my health and ability to relax, but also actually write about just as many, if not actually more CDs than I currently manage, though any of those reviews will only be a paragraph in length. This is the current plan anyway. It may well change, or I may chicken out and just continue with daily posts, but for now these are my intentions. Besides guest posts to cover my holiday I am not going to actively seek out other writers to contribute to the site, as I suspect this would create even more work that I currently present myself with, but that isn’t to say that I would ever refuse anything anyone wanted to see published here. So hopefully in the near future you won’t read posts like this one here any more. Or see random photos like tonight’s one, which is of a piece of rope left on the floor of the V22 space after the concert there a week or two back.

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