Wednesday 15th August

August 15, 2012

No review again today I am afraid. I have actually spent a couple of hours with some music today, a tape by Gintas K on the Copy for your Records label, but after listening through to it three times I found myself still staring blankly at the computer screen wondering what I might or might not write about it. I am off out in a short while, so time is tight and well, given that whatever I may have written was hardly going to be particularly inspired in one direction or another I have decided to not attempt to write anything today and will probably do so tomorrow. Apologies for my lower than normal productivity this week, but hey, you’re going to have to get used to it!

A quick plug then for something of a landmark performance this coming Friday. I’m not really sure why I am plugging huge events at the Royal Albert Hall organised by the BBC, they really don’t need me, but the Proms concert in a couple of days focussed around John Cage’s music will involve a pretty amazing line-up of musicians who I would really like to see attract a big crowd. The details are here. Photo taken last night.

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