Tuesday 21st August

August 21, 2012

No post tonight as I am busy working on writing for elsewhere and relistening to the BBC recordings of last week’s Cage Prom, which you can hear, until Friday, at the BBC iPlayer site, and I really recommend you do as it was a fine evening of performances, and the BBC’s coverage of it here, while obviously unable to come close to capturing how the music sounded spread around such a vast hall was very good indeed, considerably in advance of previous efforts by the same broadcaster to present programming about Cage. I’m not sure what else to write tonight. I am finalising plans to overhaul The Watchful Ear, reducing the number of days I write but not the number of CDs I write about, and I have plans to alter a few things about how the site looks to coincide with the changes, but these alterations are still a way off and I will share more thoughts on them soon. Tonight’s photo is of me, in a church a couple of months back, on an afternoon I will remember for a long time.

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