Tuesday 28th August

August 28, 2012

No post tonight. I’m partly getting myself into the groove of writing only three days a week, which will begin in September, and also working on a few other bits and pieces tonight for various other projects. While it will be odd not having to come and log in here and write some drivel or other every evening, I am also looking forward to being able to spend more time on what I do write. I have a couple of pieces planned that will hopefully stretch beyond CD reviews, and I also aim to restart the shortlived series of interviews I wanted to do for these pages. All exciting stuff that is likely to see me spending as much time as ever on this blog, but with my efforts going into less pieces, hopefully with one or two of them offering a little more value. Anyway, apologies fo rno post today, tomorrow’s will come earlier in the day, and will be a review. Tonight’s picture is one of many I took in a church in North Oxfordshire a couple of months back on a very pleasant day indeed.

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