Thursday 30th August

August 30, 2012

OK, so as things have turned out I have found myself with quite a bit of writing to do for The Wire over the next few days, so, given that I want to do things properly, and magazine deadlines are tight, I don’t think I will be able to write a review post here now until Sunday. The future for this blog will hopefully be better written reviews less often, and so following that theme, I think its only correct that I don’t try and force too much out of the limited time I have to get things done. The challenge of course will be to still try and get some sort of coverage to the bulk of music that arrives here (twelve albums, on CD or vinyl, here this week alone…) but this where it all becomes fun, the challenge of thinking hard, listening carefully and writing only after consideration will always sit in contrast to the amount of work I really want to get done. The next few days are as good an example of that as any, but patience, as my mother has always told me, somewhat annoyingly, is a virtue. I will get to writing again here just as soon as I can. Tonight’s photo, which I like quite a bit, was taken back in March. Exactly what it is of, I don’t really remember.

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