Tuesday 4th September

September 4, 2012

No post tonight. I have been charging about all evening since getting home from work trying to sort my life out enough to be able to go away for ten days, as we will be on Thursday morning. This evening I have been writing my own personal entry in the “What’s your favourite album?” series of posts, which I will publish here tomorrow evening. There will then follow a further six, maybe seven posts in the series by guest writers who have kindly offered their time and energies. There were meant to be ten, but a few have dropped out, partly because of understandable commitments elsewhere, and partly because I forgot to remind them…

Anyway, I will be clearer tomorrow, but after this series of posts there will be a few days silence from this blog until I return from Scotland and begin writing again on Tuesday 18th. The silence here will feel strange, but as I will be somewhere that doesn’t really have an internet connection I won’t really notice. Silence is good though, and usually because of what it leads up to, the sound that shatters the quiet. Given that I don’t intend to take any music at all to the Isle of Skye, and given that the place is in itself particularly quiet, returning home and to the noise of the internet will doubtlessly feel like the silence is shattered to me also. I’m having more problems with the blog’s server tonight, which is making the uploading of photos difficult. This had better be sorted by tomorrow. I will add a photo to tonight’s post then if I can.

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