Wednesday 5th September

September 5, 2012

So this is my final daily post here, for now at least. Julie and I leave for Scotland, via the Lake District in the morning and will not return until the 18th September. I have set up seven posts that will automatically appear (hopefully). Each of these, apart from the first one, which will appear straight after this post, is a guest post in a series named My Favourite Album. The first in the series is written by myself, about my particular favourite release. I won’t name all of the six guest writers here yet, they will appear each day, but I do want to thank each of them warmly for their support and efforts here. I would also like to thank the three or four that initially said they would help with a post but found themselves later unable.

So these posts will run until the 11th, after which there will be almost a week of silence here, for the first time in more than three years, after which I will return with my new schedule of three posts a week. Thanks to everyone that has read this blog most days in the time since Brian told me I wash’t writing enough 😉 I am really looking forward now to a complete rest for ten days, without a single CD, on what I am told is the quietest island in the UK and then to returning with renewed vigour and a change in how I do things here. Until then…

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